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Surface Pro, Up to time Surface Pro news, tablet reviews, tablet rumours, tablet specs, prices and so much more all on tablets.  Microsoft Surface is a series of touchscreen Windows personal computers and interactive whiteboards designed and developed by Microsoft. The devices are manufactured by Pegatron and are designed to be premium devices that set examples to Windows OEMs. It comprises four generations of hybrid tablets, 2-in-1 detachable notebooks, a convertible desktop all-in-one, an interactive whiteboard, and various accessories all with unique form factors. With the exception of the first-generation Surface and Surface 2, all Surface PCs use Intel processors and are compatible with Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. The Surface line of hybrid tablets, with optional detachable keyboard accessories, and optional stylus pen. The latest model, the Surface 3, uses an Intel Atom SoC processor. The Surface Pro line of professional hybrid tablets, use similar optional detachable keyboard accessories. The latest Surface Pro uses a 7th generation Intel Core i Series processors and does not include a stylus pen. The Surface Laptop, a notebook with a 13.5-inch touchscreen. The device runs Windows 10 S by default; however, it can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. The Surface Book, a notebook with a detachable screen. The base is configurable with/without discrete graphics and an independently operable screen with support for the included stylus. The Surface Studio, a 28-inch all-in-one desktop that adjusts into a digital drafting table with a stylus and on-screen Surface Dial support. The Surface Hub, a touch screen interactive whiteboard designed for collaboration.

Surface Pro 5 vs Apple iPad Pro 2

Surface Pro 5 vs Apple iPad Pro 2: Specs Showdown

Various tablets are relied upon to arrive this year. Be that as it may, the most-anticipated ones join Surface Pro 5 and Apple iPad Pro 2. Be that as...
Download Microsoft Edge browser

Download Microsoft Edge browser for iOS and Android OS

Download Microsoft Edge browser Microsoft today announced its Edge browser is now open in mobile editions for both iOS and Android. Key features total the ability to touch from a...

More leaks and Video about Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 spills keep on flourishing on the web. The exceedingly expected successor to Surface Pro 4 seems, by all accounts, to be making a few clamors...
2017 Best Windows 10 Tablets

2017 Best Windows 10 Tablets

 2017 Best Windows 10 Tablets, When I was looking into Windows tablets, I needed them to have whatever number components as could be expected under the circumstances. Clearly, having...

Microsoft Offers $200 Discount On Surface Pro 4 Intel Core i5 And m3 Variants

Huge Surface Pro 4 rebates and deals are just the same old thing new. Prior in January, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 fans in the United States were dealt with...

Leaked images Of Microsoft Surface Mini tablet but it’s cancelled

Microsoft was wanting to present a Surface Mini tablet close by its Surface Pro 3 at an occasion in May 2014. While the Surface Pro 3 was reported to...

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