shazam now on siri

Apple Shazam Adds New Features To iPad And iPhone

shazam now on Siri Apple bought Shazam on 11th December 2017, the music-recognition app. Although the Tech Company did not show how much the bought the app. A report on a website...
How to Backup and Wipe iPad or iPhone

How to Backup and Wipe iPad or iPhone before Selling or Gifting

Are you are changing your Apple device or you are planning to sell the old gadget. This holiday season you may decide to give your sibling your old Apple device. Here...
Jailbreak iPhone iPad iOS 11 with LiberiOS

How To Jailbreak iPhone and iPad iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2 with LiberiOS

You can now Jailbreak iPhone iPad iOS 11 with LiberiOS. Developer and hacker, Jonathan Levin has just released LiberiOS jailbreak. The first official jailbreak for iOS 11 – iOS 11.2 which supports iPhone X,...
Glo Campus Data Booster

GLO Unveils Cheaper Tariff Called Glo Campus Data Booster

Glo is becoming one of the best data networks in Nigeria, with cheap and affordable data bundles. Glo added a new tariff to the list, Glo Campus Data Booster. One feature...
Scan QR Code

How to Use iPhone or iPad Camera To Scan QR Code

Apple recently updated iOS to 11.2.1. The update fixes many big and security flaws. In iOS 11, the inbuilt camera app has a functionality that allows you to scan QR code...

Apple released iOS 11.2.1, tvOS 11.2.1 to Fix Homekit with Security Patch

Apple has just revealed the iOS 11.2.1 update for iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th gen a week after iOS 11.2 with also the released...
Best Document Management Apps

Best Document Management Apps For Your Tablet and Phone

Everyone likes the inspiring world of mobile application development. Whether it is a popular mobile game or business productivity application, apps are running on our smartphones and tablets and users are...
Basic iOS Problems

How To Fix Common And Basic iOS Problems

Many Basic iOS Problems can be fixed by downloading the iOS 11.2 update, which fixes the extremely problematic error experienced by users when restarting the phone after December 2. Still, the software...
Apple iPhone x apps

More Added Apple iPhone X Apps UI: Skype, Tidal, Feedly, VLC

Apple iPhone x apps More Apple iPhone X Apps added apart from the top apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Apple's iPhone X highlights the biggest vital design change in an iPhone, which...
Apple iOS 11.2

Apple iOS 11.2 is out for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Apple has now discharged iOS 11.2, bringing the fix for the rehashed crashes clients experienced since the date moved over to December 2, as we provided details about before today. iOS...

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