GENIUS NY 3.0 Tech Competition Applications Is Open

GENIUS NY is a program of Centerstate CEO’s The Tech Garden. Each year for the past 3 years, we’ve rewarded innovative startups from around the world with millions of dollars in funding for their drone or UAS-based businesses. This year, we’re again looking to dish out millions of dollars to some of the most innovative startups in this industry.

Teams compete for one of FIVE investments. The summit team is rewarded in imitation of a $1M investment. Four more teams are contracted prizes of $500K each! This year GENIUS NY has started the application process, where new members are suitable including the antiquated member. since you apply for the competition, You must be an authenticated startup or a spin-off from a larger corporation. Our definition for a start-up is an entity that usually leverages technology and is scalable and fundable. The GENIUS NY startup competition requires a two-person team or larger. A complex and matter founder is the preferred arrangement. The application process details what you craving to have to apply. GENIUS NY is looking for startups that have a mysterious founder or the idea originator. This person is someone that has the profound background to produce the idea. People behind this are usually engineers, programmers, coders, web developers/designers, or scientists. Everybody is welcome international applications, an applicate needs to speak and comprehend English. Meeting the requirements of US immigration policy will be the responsibility of the participants.

GENIUS NY 3.0 Tech Competition Applications Is Open

If you meet the eligibility requirements and submit a complete application by October 1, 2018. The first step in the application process is to complete the Registration Form. You will be notified if you qualify. Once your registration is verified via email you will need to complete the Application Form through the Applicant Log-In tab.  Applications for GENIUS NY 3.0 close October 1, 2018. Click here to get started on the application.

For the past three years since the competition started, they have been many winners. The main goal of GENIUS NY is to find and help tech startups.  Adam Fine, co-founder of Dropcopter California-based Dropcopter—a finalist team awarded a $250,000 investment in round two of the year-long GENIUS NY program—recently supplemented the pollination of apple trees. Dropcopter is operating from The Tech Garden in Syracuse, New York, to test its technology. Another winner, Chris McCall, CEO of Fotokite, says, “This is tremendous support from the GENIUS NY program and CenterState CEO and a total game-changer for Fotokite. We are excited to be expanding operations here to support our customers moving forward and will work hard to continue building on this early momentum. The other teams in the program have been great, and there are opportunities to work with them in the next phase of the GENIUS NY program.” Other winners were Quantify was awarded the second-place prize of $600,000; TruWeather was named the third place, winning $400,000; and three finalists, UsPLM, Dropcopter and Precision Vision, all were awarded $250,000. TruWeather was also named the crowd favorite in a live poll taken during the event.


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