How To Install Android ADB and Fastboot on Windows, Mac or Linux

This works when the device is powered on and booted into OS or Recovery. The tool helps in sending basic Linux commands, and a variety Android-specific commands from PC to connected Android devices.

Full Guide to Install Android ADB and Fastboot


The fastboot mode allows you to flash any partition on an Android device like the system, boot, recovery, cache.. etc. Using Fastboot / bootloader, you can also flash the custom-built .img files via fastboot. For example, a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM.

Installing and Setting Up ADB and Fastboot can be very long on a Windows machine. But thanks to XDA member Snoop05 who has developed a small program to quickly install both ADB and Fastboot files on your PC (system-wide) along with proper drivers. Just Follow the simple and easy step by step guide to Install Android ADB and Fastboot on your Windows device.

Install Android ADB and Fastboot


Download 15 seconds ADB Installer 1.4.2

If the above version doesn’t work well, try ADB installer v1.3

How To Install Android ADB and Fastboot (with drivers) on Windows

Step By Step Guide

  1. First Download the adb-setup-1.4.2.exe file from the download link above.
  2. Double-click/Run the adb-setup-1.4.2.exe file.
  3. You will see a command prompt window with blue background. Say YES to all the prompts on this screen.
    └ To say YES, just type Y and hit enter.
    15 Seconds ADB and Fastboot Installations

Once ADB, Fastboot, and Drivers are installed, the setup window will automatically close and you’ll have a working ADB and Fastboot on your Windows.

How to safely Install ADB and Fastboot on Mac or Linux

Download file:

[Click here] or [Mirror]

How to safely Install ADB and Fastboot on Mac or Linux

Step By Step Guide

  • First of all, download the file from the above link to your Mac or Linux
  • Next, on the desktop, extract the download by double-clicking, The ADB and Fastboot files should be inside.
  • Now On your Mac, open a new Terminal. Search it on Spotlight with ⌘-Space or find it on Applications > the utilities folder.
  • Now Type in the following command
    cd Desktop/Android
  • Install ADB and Fastboot  by entering the following command

    or drag and drop “” into the terminal on your Mac

Done!! ADB and Fastboot should be installed o your Mac or Linux


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