How To Invite Friends to Play Fortnite mobile on iOS

Here’s how invites worked with Fortnite iOS first released. It’s entirely possible Fortnite Android will operate in a similar way, but Epic Games has not confirmed the rollout method.

  • 1. You can sign up for invites to start playing from the official site. Register your interest there, to begin with.
  • 2. From there, you play the waiting game. When you have an invite, you’ll receive an email like so.
  • 3. Time to download the Fortnite mobile app. The invite email will feature a URL you can follow, which is actually accessible whether you have an invite or not. Open the URL in Safari and it should then open the App Store app.
  • 4. Download the Fortnite app and load it up. You’ll then be asked whether you have received an invite or not. If you received the email, go ahead and log in and you’ll start playing. If you haven’t, you won’t have access just yet. Keep the app downloaded on your phone, and when you receive the confirmation email, your account will have been authorized to log in and get playing.

How To Invite Friends to Play Fortnite mobile on iOS

If you have the app, then load into the lobby and a button should appear on the right. Pressing it will allow you to copy and paste an invite code to send to friends, granting them access.


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