Download Free Stock Wallpapers For All iPhone, iPad, Mac and For All iOS

Even if Apple is known to have kept both its desktop and mobile involved systems on a tight leash gone it comes to cosmetic customization, you can’t accuse the Cupertino organization of swine frugal once wallpapers. Each major update to macOS and iOS to date has been parceled taking into account a set of beautiful new wallpapers that you can burn through previously you feel the habit to go looking elsewhere for your next desktop background.

If you have loving memories of the wallpapers you enjoyed upon your pass Mac or iPhone, you’ll be appreciative to know that a charitable soul from the Reddit community has taken the mature to collective approximately every wallpaper that Apple has ever bundled when macOS or iOS, including those featured in promotional material, putting them together in two swiftly contracted chronicles that you can use to look for and download your favorites.

The iOS archive starts as soon as iPhone OS 1 to iOS 3, going every the habit occurring to iOS 11 and iOS 12 the latest stable and beta builds, respectively. It also features a section for wallpapers from Apples home app and, as mentioned, one for those used in promotional images.

The macOS wallpaper archive is particularly impressive. Apart from all in the same way as and gift collections, starting from System 7 and Mac OS 9, and ending at macOS Mojave, it features remove sections for promotional wallpapers for various Mac releases, including the 2018 MacBook improvement refresh, as capable as an album for upscaled 5K variants.

Full iOS (iPhone, iPad) Wallpaper Archive

Full macOS (Mac) Wallpaper Archive


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