Upcoming Apple's New 6.1-Inch iPhone Could Come in These Colors

The shove of unveiling another powerful ios devices is suitably close as Samsung is very nearly to bring forth another flagship smartphone. Japanese Apple-tracking site Macotakarais reporting that Apple is planning a variety of colors for this year’s 6.1-inch LCD iPhone claims Apple is planning white, black, Flash Yellow, bright Orange, Electric Blue, and Taupe options for this year’s iPhones. We all know that Apple iPhones Red models are a special one, but was not mentioned.

Apple is acknowledged to launch three iPhones this year. The 6.1-inch LCD model will likely be the cheapest of the bunch and come in imitation of a design same to the iPhone X. To keep its price down, Apple might have enough money less facility in the LCD version, lonely a single rear camera and could remove the 3D be adjacent to feature that brings occurring contextual menus similar to you press harder on the screen.

In supplement to the LCD models, Apple is said to be planning a successor to last year’s iPhone X that will come subsequently a 5.8-inch OLED screen. though not much will change externally, Apple is rumored to be planning a price cut to $899 upon that model. The6.5-inch iPhone X help could introduction at $999and will arrive later the similar features as the iPhone X, keep for a much larger screen. Apple is reportedly planning to unveil its extra iPhones in September. see for the handsets to start soon after.


  1. The choice of different colours is interesting, but it probably won’t matter that much, as most of the people use phone cases anyway. From the front they will all look the same I think.

  2. You know when apple launched red iPhone 7 it was more costly than the other iPhone. Colors was not much of Apple strong suit.


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