Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Lilac Purple

Check the upcoming the Samsung galaxy note 9 in a cool color; the credited press images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Now there are many images leaked, never since we maxim them in such a tall resolution and from as a result many angles. In addition, this image provides a double reference to its sales date.

First of all, fine news for fans of the color purple; which now seems confirmed for the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung next released the Galaxy S9 and S9 + in pale purple and that color now drips to the Note series. Furthermore, the image under gives a lot of official declaration including the other spot fingerprint scanner. It becomes more interesting in the manner we area the Note 9 on top of the current Note 8.

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a bit wider. The screen edge below seems to have become slightly thinner as well, possibly affecting the screen diagonal. Whether that is augmented must incline out August 9th. subsequently, Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Note9 in further York City during an Unpacked Event. further changes are the well along of the buttons. Both the volume keys, Bixby button and the on/off button are considerably vanguard than those of the Note 8 . What impact this has upon the ease of use must be apparent. gone such large phones, it is useful to have buttons not too high.

And then the elephant in the room; the date August 24 upon the beginning screen. As is known, the want ad of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on 9 August. The 24th may be an insinuation to its sales date. after that the Note 8 was not unexpected in the store but three weeks later. We will have to wait for the official foundation back we have clarity upon this. We would as a consequence with to listen more very nearly the other functionality the extra S Pen gets.


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