Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept With 6.4-inch Display, Triple camera: Leaked

Thanks to the leaker on twitter @VenyaGeskin1, He is one of the few people that we can trust the leaks and concept insight of upcoming devices. Once again he has shown us what the new line of Samsung Galaxy phones i.e S10 will look like. The New trend on the smartphone designs makes us see the giant companies are going to show us what the world in need for a device to work among us, like the concept of big RAM and more than one camera.

Let come to the design and features. our reviews will be based on the concept image and leaked speculations. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is coming with 6.4-inch FULL HD Screentouch, for ow we don’t know if it I will be SUPER AMOLED or any other design they have in mind. Am very happy to see that this Samsung Galaxy S10  have a triple camera on the rear and double camera in front. The phone also has double senors t the postion of the fromt camera.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept With 6.4-inch Display, Triple camera: Leaked

We are yet to know the size of ram and rom which will be coming with, I may say that it can be coming with 6GB RAM or higher, due to the fact that most flagship phones are not en route with 6GB RAM. The memory of being 128GB or higher, The Samsung Galaxy S10 have an in-display fingerprint sensor The phones with be coming with the new 5G data network

We all know that Samsung doesn’t give large battery to the galaxy series, the big battery is meant for the galaxy tab and galaxy note series. We can conclude that with the powerful design and camera, the battery size with be more 3000mAh. The are three button on the sides of the Samsung Galaxy S10, these are the volume button, power button, and the third one may be the camera button.  The Samsung Galaxy S10  will have the larger version called Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. The phones will be coming with android p and run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon soc



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