A Must Have Logo Maker App for Android & iOS

Do you want to start a new business, a new website, a new blog, or any new venture? What would be the first thing that you need? A brand new logo!

Unfortunately, graphic designing is not everyone’s piece of cake. Graphic designing software and editing applications are hard to use and can be intimidating for many. Professional designers, on the other hand, can charge ridiculously high prices, which is especially scary for small businesses. That is exactly where logo creator apps come in.

Logo Maker – Logo Creator is one app that offers you what we call ‘creative designing on a budget’. It is an excellent free logo maker that is free to download for both Android and iOS users on their respective app stores. Unlike various other similar logo generator apps, you can use this logo to design a new business logo, and guess what? There are no watermarks (at least that was the case when I used it).

What did I like About Logo Maker?

There are a variety of different graphics available in the app. You play around with hundreds of free sample icons and the rest you can access after paying a reasonable price for Premium. What makes the app even better is that if you got your own images or graphics, you can upload them and convert them into eye-catching logos. Here are a few reasons why I loved this app:

Simple and easy interface. Most of the tools that almost everyone’s familiar with are there such as rotate, scale, undo and redo.

Quick. I heard that you could make a logo using this logo generator in less than five minutes. So I tried it myself.

Fonts. You also don’t have to go around the web in search of nice fonts for your logo. It has a beautiful collection of striking fonts.

Backgrounds. The background has the power to change the way a logo looks entirely. There are many backgrounds, so feel free to try all of them before deciding on one.

Overlays. Overlays make it even more fun to design a logo using Logo Maker – Logo Creator.

Templates. If you feel lazy and don’t want to do much yet want to get some nice results, try their templates. All you have to do is give your company name and tagline, and that’s it.

Save as draft. I loved this! You can leave a logo half way through, save it in drafts and resume later.

You can download Logo Maker – Logo Creator on both the Google Play Store and App Store. However, there might be a few differences in the features.

Personally, I’ve really enjoyed using this app, and I would highly recommend you to try it as well.

Here’s the logo I designed with the app:

A Must Have Logo Maker App for Android & iOS

Overall, it is a nice app that you can use to create a new business logo. Probably one of the best free to download apps yet!



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