If you don’t remember the password of your Laptop and do not have a password reset disk or any other administrator account, then it will be difficult to start your laptop. Also, unless you get access to your laptop, you cannot rest your forgotten password. The only solution that you may find is, reinstalling the system that is why it is very important to create a password reset disk and keep it safe so that on the emergency you can use the disk to reset the password.

If you are using HP laptop, then you might have realized that it contains some stern security measures. The new HP pavilion model contains figure touch password security and it automatically locks the screen with a password if you close your HP laptop. Also, HP laptops come with own security drivers that allow you to choose lock and powerful password to safeguard your computer from any illegal access.  Here you can three amazing methods that can help you reset your HP laptop password.

Method-1: Unlock HP Laptop with HP Recovery Manager

Hp offers inbuilt HP RM (Recovery Manager) program that can help you solve all your forgotten password problems and resolve situations. The RM program refreshes the laptop’s main disk and it will remove the password from the system. You just need to follows these simple steps to reset your password in your Hp Laptop.

  • Step-1: Turn off your HP laptop and wait for a couple of minutes and then switch it on.
  • Step-2: Press and hold the F11 key on your keyboard and choose “HP RM” and let the program load.
  • Step-3: Select “System Recovery” and let the program continue.

What To do if You Want to Reset Login Password On a Locked Hp Laptop

  • Step-4:  Once the program installs all the required programs, then remove the password from your HP.
  •  Step-5: Once the process is done, restart your laptop, and now, you don’t need any password to get into your laptop.

Method-2: Reset Login Password on Hp Laptop with iSeePassword:

With the quick expansion of the computer technology, reinstalling the Windows OS is not just the right option when you have forgotten your password. The best option is iSeePassword WPR (Windows Password Recovery) software is the perfect option to rest all your HP laptop passwords without losing any data from the hard drive. The best thing about this software is, it takes just five minutes to complete the task. It is an easy-to-use tool that comes with outstanding features to reset or remove all passwords on your HP laptop.  The latest version of the software even allows you to reset Domain password as well.

Top Features of iSeePassword WPR (Windows Password Recovery) Program:

  • Reset Windows admin, login, guest, or any other user password without reinstallation and without losing any data.
  • Two methods to produce bootable reset disk with USB flash drive or DVD/CD.
  • Available for all versions of Windows
  • Supports all HP computers, including HP ENVY, HP Pavilion, HP Specter, HP Elite, and so on.
  • Step-1: Click here to download and install it in on your HP laptop.

What To do if You Want to Reset Login Password On a Locked Hp Laptop

  • Step-2: After the installation program is complete, immediately make a bootable PRD (Password Reset Disk), burn the ISO file on the USB flash drive and click “Burn USB” button.

What To do if You Want to Reset Login Password On a Locked Hp Laptop

  • Step-3: Insert the USB reset disk into the locked HP laptop and turn on it. Moreover, go to the Bios setting to make the USB as the first boot option on your Hp laptop.

What To do if You Want to Reset Login Password On a Locked Hp Laptop

  • Step-4: Once all the above steps are completed, you can reset the password, you just need to choose the target admin account and press reset button. After that, you can get into your Hp laptop without password.

What To do if You Want to Reset Login Password On a Locked Hp Laptop

Method-3: Rest Login Password on Hp laptop with Cain & Abel:

Install Cain & Abel on your computer if you forgot your Windows password and unable to log in.  Install this program in another computer that can help you recover your password. First, you should remove the hard drive from the locked computer and connect it to other working computer and follow these simple steps to recover your Windows password.

  • Step-1: Download the Cain & Abel and install it on your computer,

What To do if You Want to Reset Login Password On a Locked Hp Laptop

  • Step-2: Press ‘Tools’ and choose ‘Syskey Decoder’. Now, press the button to find the ‘System’ file and it will instantly show the decoded boot key that is needed to recover your Windows Password.
  • Step-3: Press ‘Cracker’ key, and press “LM &NTLM Hashes” on the Cain toolbar.  Now, select SAM file and enter the boot key, and repeat the above step.
  • Step-4: Press Next, and right-click on the on the user account that you want to recover the password, select Brute-Force Attack under NTLM hashes.
  • Step-5: Now, look for predefined below charset and choose the right dictionary to use and press start, wait till the software recover the password.


The iSeepassword can easily unlock any kind of Windows laptop or PC when you forgot your login password. The software is very quick and easy-to-use and once you log in to your computer, it is advisable to reset your password on your laptop for security reasons.

See more info about password reset program: https://www.iseepassword.com/


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