Football during World Cup: useful apps for all supporters

2018 FIFA World Cup is getting interesting and technology can help supporters during this one-month journey (and after). Technology allows football lovers to explore every side of this game, from the analysis of matches’ stats to the betting business, from live results to team managing games. Let’s take a look at the most interesting apps about football.

  • Forzafootball

This is a fantastic app which allows you to select your favorite matches or teams and receive customized live notification about them. You can also watch highlights and participate to opinion polls with other supporters. This app covers many leagues and cups all over the world and it is really accurate.


  • Football Manager 2018

This is a very famous app for those who love football and the latest version has many improvements, as usual. You can choose your team among 17 countries and lead it to victory, through a fast season with all the emotions only football can give. FM 2018 has a stunning players database and it also gives the chance to create a brand new team you can put in any league. Become the manager of the best football team in 2018 and have fun with the different modes: Career, Create-a-club or Challenges!

  • FourFourTwo

They have been working to release a new StatsZone app (see next paragraph), but they also offer a very interesting magazine which covers all aspects of football. They write columns about players, performances, tactics, funny stories and much more. Among the writers, there are some former players and managers.

  • StatsZone

After a long pause, FFT released a new version of StatsZone, an extremely useful app for supporters who love stats and numbers. You will find every single data point about the match: dribbles, shots, passes, fouls and free kicks, corners, influence zones and all you can think of about a football match. It is incredibly complete and developers are working to expand it and to include new leagues. It is really worth a try!

  • BettingTop10

This site reviews the best betting apps and it offers clear tips about apps with highest bonuses and special promotions. It also reviews betting sites and it has a specific page regarding the World Cup, with a complete list of all the odds and where to find the best life chances to win. It has customized pages for 12 different countries and 9 languages.


  1. So, is the Forzafotball app the best to be up-to-date with current World Championship? You wrote that the notifications are customisable. Does it mean that the app won’t send me irritating notifications all the time, like some of the others sometimes do? Because I hate it when that happens.


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