Being one of the most manageable, easy to use and accessible CMS, WordPress takes the center stage. So, whether it is a corporate website, magazine, blog or an eCommerce store, WordPress has the capabilities to offer a structured shape to any of these. With millions of themes, extensive support and unbeatable plugin performance, it is tough to defeat WordPress appeal and functionality.

According to the present day statistics, 74.6 million websites are managed via WordPress. Besides being such a powerful CMS, WordPress’ mobile friendly features are the new norm. Despite being so common, it might take a little work to create a responsive WordPress website. This is where the role of plugins come in.

In this blog, we shall be talking about some of the best WordPress plugins to get a mobile version of your WordPress website. These plugins help you create a responsive WordPress website.

Let’s dive in!

Use These WordPress Plugins To Make Your Mobile Site Responsive

The exclusive WordPress Mobile Pack is an excellent mobile plugin that allows users to have a mobile-friendly version of their WordPress website. The plugin is designed to offer webmasters a tool to dress up their content into an interactive mobile web application.

Made especially for content creators, publishers, bloggers or webmasters, this plugin helps them transform their content into an application without the need of creating a mobile app. After using this plugin to mobile-optimize your website, you will give your visitors an experience of mobile app by directly accessing the browser.

It also comes with mobile recognition and device adaptation feature. It works by detecting the device of the user and offering an easy navigation for visitors. The overall feel and look of the application is seamless. The layout also adjusts as per the screen size of user’s device.

The plugin quickly integrates with Google analytics. It also helps in displaying Google Adsense ads to get displayed on the mobile version.

Use These WordPress Plugins To Make Your Mobile Site Responsive

WP Mobile Detector offers an exclusive set of features to help bloggers and webmasters get started with amazing functionality. The plugin is extremely easy to function and offer the simplest method to craft a responsive web version of WordPress. The hassles of coding is reduced using this WordPress plugin.

This plugin will help you with a compatible WordPress mobile theme that offers an amazing appeal to your website. WP mobile detector for WordPress automatically detects the type of mobile device. The enticing feature of this plugin is that it serves to both standard mobile devices and smartphones.

To upgrade the performance of the website, it also offers advanced features like content formatting, mobile statistics, image restructuring and so on. This is a right plugin that works perfectly for mobile users. It allows users to create multiple mobile versions of WordPress sites.

Use These WordPress Plugins To Make Your Mobile Site Responsive

This plugin supercharges your website to offer way more than a responsive design. There is 33 specific functionality. It is one of the simplest tools that offers an engaging mobile version for your blog or website. It just takes a few moments of yours to get started. Other than just offering a simple WordPress website, this plugin also comes with advanced security services. There are two customization options to choose from. Once your website is mobile-optimized, your visitors can choose whether they like to view the mobile or desktop version.

It is lightweight in design, optimized for SEO, access speed and is free to use. Use JetPack to display your content in a clean, and uncluttered way. It will make it easier for your mobile visitors to scan your website.

Use These WordPress Plugins To Make Your Mobile Site Responsive

WPtouch is a simple mobile plugin for WordPress. It helps in the creation of an interactive mobile website. It also features a range of customization options that will offer your website the same look as intended. This plugin has become the right choice for webmasters and developers.

WPtouch is completely Google friendly. So, if a user installs WPtouch plugin, he must have know-how about Google-friendly mobile status. The plugin also integrates an elegant theme to help you get started with WordPress website. It automatically displays the mobile version to a visitor, while accessing the website to a mobile device. It is completely free to use but users can also upgrade to a premium version for availing advanced functionality.

The UI offered is seamless and makes it stress-free for novice users to handle it with ease.

Use These WordPress Plugins To Make Your Mobile Site Responsive

This plugin also functions by observing which device your visitors are viewing to open the website. It is a wonderful WordPress plugin that helps web developers set up a smart, mobile-optimized web browsing experience. It differentiates between mobile and desktop devices. Its mobile tier detection functionality makes it easier for viewers to access the website from tablet to view sidebars as opposed to smartphone users.

The plugin is quite easy to implement and requires minimal programming knowledge. It also comes with image transcoding feature that re-scales large sized images to accommodate easily on devices with a smaller screen. The plugin supports mobile traffic from iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows and other Symbian devices. The pro-version of the theme is available with some advanced features.

Final Verdict!

Mobile-optimized websites have become a key necessity to cater to the growing number of mobile users. Website owners who do not take into consideration the mobile users, end up experiencing significant loss in conversions or sales. Given above are some of the top-rated WordPress plugins to make your website responsive. Some of them are free and some are available at a certain price, however, each comes with a unique functionality to design a futuristic mobile-ready WordPress website.

We hope you were successful in finding the best responsive WordPress plugin for your website. Please let us know your experience upon using them. We would love to hear from you anytime. Get in touch with us by commenting below. It will be a great pleasure for us to serve you in the right way. Our WordPress expertise is here to help you with all your simple or complex problems.

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