Microsoft to stop forum support for Windows 7 and 8.1 from July

Microsoft has announced that they are stopping forum support for Windows 7, 8.1, 8.1 RT along with a range of other products from next month. This is not the first Microsoft stop support to old windows and associated services. We all that one-day Microsoft will support for Windows 8.1 and below. well, that day will soon be upon us.

A post shared with the Microsoft Community reveals the full list of products that will no longer be supported but doesn’t specify the exact date on which support will be withdrawn, only stating “Effective July 2018”.

Although most of the forums will continue to exist – just without technical support from Microsoft staff – the announcement states Microsoft Band, ‘Mobile devices’ and Zune topics will be blocked altogether. In the first two instances, users are directed towards the Microsoft Band 2 and ‘Other Windows mobile devices’ topics, but Zune users are simply advised the relevant forum will remain “available for browsing”.

Here is the list products will be discontinued across different forums in the Community.

  • Windows 7, 8.1, 8.1 RT
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Office 2010, 2013
  • Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, Surface RT, Surface 2
  • Microsoft Band – this topic will be locked. Users are invited to participate in Microsoft Band 2 topic.
  • Mobile devices forum – Microsoft support will continue in “Other Windows mobile devices” topic
  • Zune – this topic will be locked, but will remain available for browsing

The is a tiny fore-coming because, Windows 7 doesn’t stop for marginal 18 months, upon 14 January 2020. However, like you believe to be roughly speaking 40% of PC still govern Windows 7, Microsoft is probably using this bulletin as a tiny push to these individuals that they’ll habit to restructure toWindows 10sooner or later.

In the war of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has pledged to give outstretched support until January 2023. Having said that, Windows 8.1 is now installed on fewer than 10% of PCs on the subject of the world, hence the committed system is quickly becoming a bay product.

As for the locking of the Mobile devices and Zune forums. In both these cases, Microsoft has isolated confirmed what we already know; that these products are dead and buried. Last October, Microsofts Joe Belfiore finally drew a line through windows 10 Mobile, revealing the company would not pardon any further Windows 10 Mobile hardware.

Considering Windows 10 was meant specifically to allow you run apps across a range of devices including PCs, tablets, phones and even the Xbox One, it’s yet not agreed distinct what the death of Windows 10 Mobile means for the progressive of the full of zip system.


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