Top mobile games for all kinds of player

Since our mobile device has become such an important object in our daily routine, software companies have begun creating new apps and games to entertain customers and grab a piece of this incredibly profitable market. Companies were trying to meet customers’ demand, so they began offering the chance to play PC or console games in a mobile version, then they have invented new mobile games for all tastes and budgets. This business continues to grow, also because of new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality which are attracting new players, especially in new generations.

Let’s take a look at some of the best mobile games for Android sorted by category.


  • Puzzle game

The Room: Old Sins is the fourth chapter of the series The Room, created by Fireproof Games. It is a clever puzzle game based on the same principles of its prequels: the player has to solve complex tasks in order to finish the adventure. In this case, the player is an investigator who has to unravel a mystery: the disappearance of an engineer and his wife…The game offers tricky puzzles and a very creepy atmosphere.


  • Sport game

NBA 2K18 was developed by Visual Concepts and released by 2K. It is a first-rate basketball game for mobile, it offers different game modes, such as My Career which has an extended scrip, or Association Mode which allows you to manage all aspects of the team. The game includes a soundtrack (49 songs) featuring famous artists. The game has great graphics and easy controls.


  • Casino game

Do you like gambling and taking risks? There are many famous casino websites which extended their offer to Android players. You can find all kinds of casino games, from roulette to blackjack, from poker to slot machines, all on your phone, thanks to mobile app. Give it a shot and win virtual or real money!


  • Strategy game

One of the most famous games in the last two years: Clash Royale. It was published by Supercell and gained over one billion dollars in revenue. This is an old-school wargame: in Clash Royale the players have to collect and upgrade cards, then they can use a deck of eight cards to destroy the opponent’s towers and to defend their own in 3 minutes rounds.


  • Trivia game

Do you like a good quiz? This trivia game is perfect for you: HQ! Players have 10 seconds to answer each one of the 12 questions (multiple choice) and if they get all of them right, they get a part of a daily cash prize, with the payment processed through PayPal. Players love the mix of interesting trivia questions and real money payouts, so if you do too, check it out!


  • Action game

For this category, we chose the mobile version of PUBG. Tencent delivered a very good version for Android, with excellent graphics and mobile-oriented controls. They also added a team feature and the Miramar desert map, a brand new battle royale playground.



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