Kobo Clara HD e-reader With Price Tag $130 Launched: Specifications

Kobo has announced a new e-reader called the Clara HD that brings higher-end features down to a lower price point. The device comes with an e-ink screen, that has the advantage of lower power usage and being easier on the eyes in the long run. The Clara HD features a 6-inch 300-ppi E Ink screen which is a feature that spreads light evenly across the display, reducing the eye discomfort of blue light exposure during night time reading., which reduces blue-light exposure at night. There’s also 8GB of storage on board, though unfortunately, the Clara HD doesn’t inherit the Aura One’s waterproofing.

The product stores up to 6,000 ebooks with its 8 GB of storage and offers weeks of battery life. It can also sync up with the free Kobo app, available for smartphones and tablets. The Clara HD costs $129.99, which is $10 more than the Aura Edition 2, Kobo’s current 6-inch reader with a 212-ppi display. That $10 would seem like a worthwhile upgrade for anyone looking to get into the Kobo ecosystem, given the better screen and doubled storage space, though the Rakuten-owned company hasn’t clarified whether the older model will get a price cut or is to be phased out entirely.

Kobo Clara HD e-reader With Price Tag $130 Launched: Specifications

Kobo’s newcomer has WiFi b/g/n and a micro USB port. It offers support for 14 types of formats, going from EPUB to PDF and from MOBI to CBR. 11 fonts and 50 font styles are support. No trace of a microSD card slot here, or waterproof case. It weighs just 5.9 ounces though. Preorders start today for the Clara HD, and it’ll be available from June 5th.




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