Amazon launched this week an extra tab of the Kindle Oasis reader, open in gold, but without the cellular connectivity. It’s been five months in the past the début of the device and now the second color substitute is here. The Kindle tablets are mainly for reading, it has a long battery life and a great display for reading.

Kindle Oasis is easy to get to in champagne gold, but it keeps the dark gray hue upfront. Its meant to make the text pop up, though the insight side is covered in pale gold and its made of aluminum. Kindle Oasis obviously keeps the specs, including 7 inches 300 PPI display and this epoch there is no 8 GB of storage or cellular membership as soon as the OG Oasis had.

The gold unit offers 32 GB WiFi only, that’s the unaccompanied setup. it’s priced at $280 when ads and $300 without. Interestingly enough, Kindle ember tablets have been easy to use in the brightest of colors, but anyhow the e-readers have solitary arrive in black or white somehow. Of course, there’s with the slightly gray Oasis, but let’s inherit to call it black.

The latest description manageable is the Kindle Oasis 2 (2017), taking into consideration waterproofing and Audible support. There’s Bluetooth here, which lets you affix to Bluetooth supporting headphones or speakers and react as a companion for audiobooks next a few taps. The unmodified is 1680 x 1264 pixels and the asymmetric design is here to stay, for bigger grip.



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