The technology sector in the UK is growing at a much faster pace than any other industry. An increasing percentage of working class is joining tech industry of UK each year. Since technology has changed and shaped the lives of people around the world, there are brilliant minds who have contributed to the tech world greatly. Below, we are sharing a list of ten most influential tech geeks who took simple creative ideas and transformed them into the beneficial facility.

Top 10 Most Influential Tech Geeks In The United Kingdom

  1. Ismail Jeilani

Ismail Jeilani, the founder of Satifs, has not only earned recognition for his contribution to the tech industry, but he is also respected for establishing his moral code at an early stage of his life. Tutoring and coaching students, helped him to pay off his way through college. He used the same idea to help others. He is the initiator of the tutoring app Scoodle.

Top 10 Most Influential Tech Geeks In The United Kingdom

  1. Andy Chatterlee


Andy Chaterlee, a Grammy-nominated music enthusiast is casting his influence on the tech industry. He created MUSO, an online forum that is dedicated to reducing the rate of piracy and infringement in the digital & entertainment world. MUSO has helped several companies to gain a better idea to regulate their content.

Top 10 Most Influential Tech Geeks In The United Kingdom

  1. David Silver

David Silver is a research scientist and the main programmer at Google Deepmind. Mr. Silver is not as popular as other representatives of the company, but he is regarded as the most dependable source for the company. He continues to explore and dedicate his energies towards the “AlphaGo” projects.

Top 10 Most Influential Tech Geeks In The United Kingdom

  1. Sean Murray

Sean Murray is the brilliance behind the controversial game i.e. “No Man’s Sky”. He developed the game while working at Hello Games. Even though the game received a criticism and the reviews generated negativity. Mr. Sean meanwhile continued to work devotedly towards improving the game according to the demands of the audience.

  1. Kieran O’Neill

Kieran O’Neill started building his own path from a very young age. Being a teen, he created, as a video sharing platform. He is the founder of Thread, as a basic solution for people with busy schedules who cannot take out time for shopping. The thread is a remarkable venture by Mr. Kieran who has joined the forces of artificial intelligence to help people discover their taste and order customized attire.

  1. Steve O’ Hear

Steve O’Hear is a tech and IT journalist at Tech Crunch. He has contributed to various publications and issue letters in several agencies. His keen interest in the latest advancements and developments in tech industries, around the globe have encouraged him to become a public and media speaker. Being an intellectual and passionate commentator, he has played a significant role in making Tech Crunch successful in Europe.

  1. Niklas Zennstrom

Niklas Zenstrom, now the CEO of Atomico, is an important figure in the tech field. Due to his entrepreneur and leadership skills, he is successful in developing online ventures for different communities. Other high-profile online ventures, co-founded by him, include Skype and Kazaa.

  1. Eben Upton

Eben Upton is a technical architect, who developed and designed hardware and software part structure for Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that grossed at the top for UK’s number 1 selling PC’s. Currently, he is performing duties as the ASIC architect for Broadcom.

  1. Andrey Andreev

Andrey Adreevhas have always been interested in how technology and communication can be integrated into one set up. He is the creator of Badoo, the social media dating app that has gained popularity despite its re-designing. As a tech master, he is often termed “mysterious” because he avoids the limelight.

  1. Jazib Zaman

Jazib Zaman is another renowned name in the tech industry, especially in WordPress market. He is running his own software house, TechAbout. It is providing web designing and web development services to its worldwide clients. TechEngage is another addition to the list of Mr. Jazib’s achievements. This site provides updates to its users about the current situation of the tech industry. His list of contributions also includes which is giving financial and investment services.

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