The Perfect Logo Design Tool that Helps You Make a Custom Logo Easily

Creating a logo is an important step in building your visual brand image. However, without much experience and knowledge in designing fields, it’s never an easy task. Fortunately, a brand new logo design tool came out, which simplifies the cumbersome logo design process and helps non-designers make logo designs in a fun and easy way.  Let’s take a quick look inside at this excellent online logo maker DesignEvo.

Ease of Use

Unlike some professional graphic design software which requires lots of time and energy to deal with the steep learning curves, DesignEvo comes with a streamlined and easy-to-use interface. There is no need to have previous designing experience. The entire process is very intuitive, and all works can be done with simple mouse clicks and drags. Anyone, with basic knowledge of computer, can use it with no difficulties.

Moreover, it uses HTML5 technology, which works super fast and supports all modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE, etc.

Ready-to-use Logo Templates

DesignEvo offers a large collection of pre-designed logo template to help you create your own logo from the ground up. There are over 3,000 nicely designed logo templates covering a variety of categories and fields, such as Business, Lifestyle, Technology, Art, Education, Animal, Environment, Fashion, Food and much more. You can browse them for ideas or use them directly.

DesignEvo Online Logo Maker Review – The Perfect Logo Design Tool

Every element of the templates can be customized, so you can freely edit them until you have a perfect logo to represent your brand identity. Change colors, fonts, sizes, or add more design elements you want. With the help of those templates, you can make a quality logo in a matter of a minute.

Icons and Fonts

DesignEvo owns a vast built-in graphics library, giving you access to millions of searchable icons with high-resolution. Simply enter some keywords to find the type of icons you want. Beyond that, there are 100+ text fonts and word arts that you can freely apply with a single click. Fonts can be further edited as well. You can curve text, adjust text spacing, change text color, add text outline, etc.

DesignEvo Online Logo Maker Review – The Perfect Logo Design Tool

Logo Preview and Download

DesignEvo offers a very practical preview feature, which helps you to visualize how your logo looks like in life. With a simple push on the preview button, you can see your newly designed logo printed on a T-shirt, business card, book cover, letterhead, and several other marketing materials.

DesignEvo Online Logo Maker Review – The Perfect Logo Design Tool

Once the logo is ready to go, you can directly download it, no registration needed! DesignEvo gives you a free JPG or PNG logo with a resolution of 500 x 500 pixels with zero watermarks, which totally enough for online uses. And if you want higher resolution, vector format, or transparent background logo for printing use, you need to pay for a small amount of one-time fee. There are two paid packages which are quite affordable and budget-friendly. You can see the screenshot below.

My Final Thoughts

The process of creating a logo with DesignEvo is very smooth and simple. With all the resources and features at your fingertips, you can create your own logo just the way you want it to be. If you are looking for a fast and simple way to create a quality logo, take some time to have a play with DesignEvo. You can whip a quality logo in a very short time.


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