How to Backup and Wipe iPad or iPhone

Are you are changing your Apple device or you are planning to sell the old gadget. This holiday season you may decide to give your sibling your old Apple device. Here is how to Backup and Wipe iPad or iPhone before you sell or give the device away. These days device is like a personal diary to users, they keep all personal information on them. It is safe to remove all your data bfore you sell off or gift the ipad or iphone to another person.


  • Backup (iCloud backups or iTunes backups, you can do both to be safe)
  • Unpair Your Apple Watch
  • Turn Off Find My iPhone
  • Wipe Out
  • Remote Erasure


This is one of the important to do, anytime that the data on your iphone or ipad are modified. There are two ways to backup your data on Apple. The first involves connecting the iOS device to a Mac or PC and backing up via iTunes, while the other method involves storing your data in iCloud. It is good to create backups using both methods, which will decrease the chance of data loss. The main thing is to back up your data, any method or both methods are great.

iCloud backups

Backing up data to iCloud is the simplest method, as it can be performed over Wi-Fi, automatically encrypts backups, and can be retrieved from any available Internet connection. it is likely to be more useful for smaller backups under 5 gigabytes in size, for more space you will pay iCloud allowance and face long upload times.


How to backup iphone or ipad to iCloud
How to backup iphone or ipad to iCloud

To back up to iCloud, enter the Settings app on your chosen iOS device, tap your name, and then the option for iCloud. Scroll down the list until you see Backup, tap the option, then the toggle on the side.

A warning will appear onscreen advising the device will “no longer back up to your computer automatically when you sync with iTunes” and giving the option to cancel the process.

After tapping OK, select “Back Up Now,” though if no Internet connectivity is present, it will wait until the next time it detects a connection.

iTunes backups

You can keep a copy of your data on PC through iTunes backup. Backing up your iOS device through iTunes is probably the quickest way for larger amounts of data, with storage limited only by the capacity your computer. Normally encrypted, it is also possible to back up data to a local device without using encryption. If you need your data from Health, HomeKit and Passwords, then you need to encrypt your backup.

How to backup iphone or ipad to iTunes

How to backup iphone or ipad to iTunes

To use this method, connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer using a Lightning to USB cable. At this point, a message may pop up requesting a device passcode and to ‘Trust This Computer,’ which need to be passed or accepted to continue.
Select the device when it seems within iTunes, typically by clicking the icon to the right of the media type selector within the application.

Within the Summary menu is a section detailing the backup program set up for the device, if any is applicable. In this menu, select “This Computer” as the backup destination.

A tickbox towards the bottom can be enabled to encrypt the backup, and it is recommended to do so. As part of this, users will have to create a password for the backup, that will be required for decryption.

On the right are two buttons marked “Back Up Now” and “Restore Backup” with the former able to start the backup process. As one would expect, the “Restore Backup” button can be used to reinstate the archived data.

Unpair Your Apple Watch

Before you sell you ipad or iphone, make sure you unlink your Apple Watch. Here is how to do that:

How to unlink Apple Watch from ipad or iphone

How to unlink Apple Watch from ipad or iphone
  1. Make sure your iPhone or ipad and Apple Watch are close to each other.
  2. Open up the Apple Watch app on the iPhone or ipad.
  3. Choose the “My Watch” tab.
  4. Select the Apple Watch you want to unpair and tap the “i” button.
  5. Tap “Unpair Apple Watch.”
  6. Tap a second time to confirm.
  7. You’ll need to enter your Apple ID password to turn off Activation Lock.

Turn Off Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone needs to be turned off because it’s tied to Activation Lock. A phone that’s linked to your iCloud account through Find My iPhone can’t be used by anyone who doesn’t have your Apple ID and password.

How to turn off Find my iPhone

How to turn off Find my iPhone
  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on your name to open your account settings.
  3. Tap “iCloud.
  4. Scroll down to “Find My iPhone.
  5. Tap it.
  6. Tap the toggle to turn it off.

To turn off Find My iPhone, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID password as an extra security measure, which is designed to keep someone who has your unlocked iPhone from turning the feature off.

Wipe Out

Clearing out the iPhone or iPad is a relatively simple process, and leaves the device in a new state. This will be easy for the new owner to set it up from scratch, without any of the previous user’s data appearing.

How to perform wipe on ipad

After backing up the device, Apple recommends users sign out of iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store. Go to the Settings app and tap on the username at the top, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Sign Out.

Remote Erasure

If Find My iPhone is enabled, it is possible to remotely wipe the device by logging into or the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device, selecting the hardware in question, and selecting “Erase.” Once completed, another option will be provided to “Remove from Account,” which should be selected.

how to Erase remote content



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