Google Pixel C Tablet

Google just released Android 8.1 update to Nexus and Google Pixel C Tablet: Tablets and phones. This android new OS gives users exclusive access to various newly added features of the Android 8.1 Oreo. Just some few hours after getting the update, some users are having issues with the operating system, added that the Android 8.1 update factory reset their devices after it has been downloaded and installed. It seems that it has a bug in it. Google and Apple are reliable tech companies, but just recent Apple also experienced iOS 11.2 OS Glitch too. The iOS got fixed after few days. According to Google Pixel C Tablet users on Twitter, Reddit and Nexus Official Forum, these users are complaining about the same thing,

In Google defense, the reply to the Google Pixel C Tablet users was that they are going to correct the issue in no time. In my experience will add to wait for some weeks and do the backup before installing any new update. Most of the affected users had their backups, so they save themselves some trouble.


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