Apple iPhone x apps

Apple iPhone x apps

More Apple iPhone X Apps added apart from the top apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Apple’s iPhone X highlights the biggest vital design change in an iPhone, which features an all-glass design and stainless steel frame to hold it together. With the front of the device being the focal point of the design, due to the iPhone X features bezeless OLED panel, the first to be found in an iPhone, together with a notch that houses many sensors found at the top, including the TrueDepth Camera technology in charge of the Face Recognition feature. Developers had to update their apps to support the notch. While some apps are getting updated to the iPhone X’s interface, others are following suit. So let’s find out some more apps updated with iPhone X support.

iPhone X Support Added to VLC, Skype, Feedly, and Tidal Coupled With Additional Features

Apps for the iPhone X are being updated gradually for the resolution of the device, apps such as Skype, VLC, Tidal, and Feedly. Let’s find out what changes the updates have brought.


VLC is a very popular cross-platform media player which now supports the iPhone X’s native display resolution. Aside from the updated support, the update also brings the ability to play 4k video encoded in the High-Efficiency Video Coding standard. The update also brings fixes to various bugs for a smoother navigation and fluid user experience.


Skype has embraced the iPhone X’s notch as well. This update allows the video chatting app to cover the entire screen and not leaving out the letterboxes on the top and the bottom part of the display. The update also comes with a new and improved design iOS other than this bug fixes for a better performance is also added.


Tidal is quite big, not as big as Spotify but it still manages to gather the number of music streaming user base. Spotify had updated it’s app earlier for the iPhone X and Tidal has now joined the bandwagon as well. The update comes with latest additions such as Apple CarPlay Support. This is a vital addition to the app didn’t feature CarPlay support when other apps were already offering it. There are other improvements and bugs fix present other than that present in the app.


Feedly, a famous news reading service has been optimized for the iPhone X. The update provides support for the iPhone X’s enhance the display. Aside from that, the app also brings dark mode with different designs. Also, the update now offers seamless integration with Buffer as well, a service that makes sharing contents on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and easier for users. The update also brings various performance enhancements too.tidal sk


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