Basic iOS Problems

Many Basic iOS Problems can be fixed by downloading the iOS 11.2 update, which fixes the extremely problematic error experienced by users when restarting the phone after December 2.

Still, the software isn’t flawless to some users, most likely because of how rushed this update was. While all the discovered errors are rather minor, there are a lot of random problems.

Don’t fret, this is routine for Apple’s yearly iPhone and iPad update. Your biggest challenge is that with so many devices, carriers and various settings you may have ticked that others don’t, there are minor problems you might face with the iOS 11.

We’ll take a close look at all the problems met with the new iOS 11 update downloaded and installed on your device and the major problems facing the new operating system, and how we can get around them.

Here are some Basic iOS Problems and how to fix them

continuous Crashing by the iPhone

iPhone users running iOS 11.1.2 may have noticed a problem where their devices crashes and restarts. This issue started on the  2nd of December and can be traced to notifications created on the device, like alarms and daily reminders. If you’re experiencing this issue, the simplest solution is to try and update to iOS 11.2, which was released earlier to discuss this problem. If you’re unable to install the update because of your phone crashes, try an alternative method which involves disabling local notifications or resetting the date to a time before December 2.

A with a question mark box is replacing ‘i’

There’s no ‘i’ in iPhone, to people who have updated to iOS 11. They’re seeing the letter ‘i’ being replaced by an ‘A’ followed by a question mark box symbol. It’s an autocorrect error.

Apple patched this issue with iOS 11.1.1. If you won’t update then you can follow these simple steps:

Go  to Settings => General => Keyboard => Text Replacement

Then tap the plus sign in the top right corner

For Phrase, type an uppercase “I”. For Shortcut, type a lower case “i.”

The company fixed this widespread enough iOS 11 issue with iOS 11.1.1 and it should stay cleared up in the new 11.2 update too.

iOS 11 Camera settings keep changing

This is an issue complained by very users, to fix it follow this steps;

Go to Settings => Camera => Preserve Settings and change things up.

The good part is that as we explain, this is meant to happen. Actually, it’s an easily missed feature introduced with iOS 10 and a part of iOS 11, too. You can also keep camera modes like video or square, filters, studio lighting effects, and live photos locked if you visit the Preserve Settings in the camera settings menu.

iPhone can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network

A user has once complained that his iPhone no longer allows them to connect to their personal Wi-Fi network.

An easy way to resolve this issue is to reset your phone, reset the Wi-Fi router or forget the Wi-Fi network on your device and reconnect.

You can also try resetting the network settings by;

Go to  Settings => General => Reset => Reset Network Settings. Don’t worry, this fix won’t erase anything on your phone.

However, the user who reported this issue tried many of these fixes to no success, so it may be a case of reverting back to iOS 10 and waiting for Apple to release a fix.

Poor battery life with iOS 11 

It often seems like every new iOS version comes with a lot of complaints that older iPhones have their battery life affected. If your battery runs out early, it could be as a result of a lot of things.

Older apps may not be playing nice with iOS 11. You can check by going to Settings => Battery and see which apps are using the most battery. If occasionally used apps are draining it very quickly, you can disable them until they get the more iOS 11 friendly updates.

It may also mean that iOS 11 will take a little time to get comfortable with your device. This could take a few days, so you might want to wait. You could also turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when not in use. Screen Brightness level should also be lowered and apps disabled from refreshing in the background (Settings => General =>Background App Refresh).

Some apps disappear or not working properly

If you have transferred some old apps from phone to phone for some time without updating them (either because you don’t update them or because the creators won’t update them) they might not work well with iOS 11. If they are old enough, or still 32-bit, they won’t be compatible with iOS 11.

Power button isn’t working

If there’s a problem with your update and your power button stops working, you can shut your device down in the menus. To do this, go to Settings => General, and scroll up to the bottom of the list, where you’ll see a “Shut down” option that will give you a slider on the screen to turn your device off. This would be handy if you’re trying to restart or power down the phone because something else is going wrong, like overheating.

iOS 11 won’t let you send emails with Outlook/Exchange

Apple has confirmed a bug that prevents’s most iOS 11 users from sending emails via certain Microsoft run servers. The error message says “Cannot Send Mail. The message was rejected by the server.” If this is your case, you’re likely running on older iOS 11 versions. The problems have been fixed on iOS 11.0.1, updating would certainly resolve this issue.

Music controls missing from lock screen 

Having music controls present right on the lock screen is great for music lovers. Pausing and switching songs shouldn’t involve unlocking and navigating your phone in the modern day. But issues with the music controls have emerged on iOS 11, including in Beta testing. Apple has the fix though, and it’s iOS 11.2. If you’re experiencing this issue and not on the latest version of iOS, try updating to fix it.


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