Apple releases iOS 11.2

Apple has released the third developer beta of iOS 11.2 for iPhone and iPad not long after the release of iOS 11.1.1. The latest version comes one week after the second beta became available for all iPhones and iPads. This is also the first coming to iPhone X. Apple has also released the third developer beta versions of watchOS 4.2 for Apple Watch, tvOS 11.2 for Apple TV and Apple TV 4K, and macOS 10.13.2 for Mac.

While these changes are now limited to beta testers, Apple recently released iOS 11.1.1 to all customers with a fix for the notorious autocorrect issue that turned ‘I’ into ‘A [?]’. Apple may include AirPlay 2 and Apple Pay Cash support in this iOS 11.2 with the addition to Sirikit for HomePod which was detailed at the end of October.

Here is a list of Changes to The Apple iOS 11.2

  • iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X marketing still wallpapers now available on older iPhones
  • Feedback app included during beta
  • No sign of Messages in iCloud yet, some level of AirPlay 2 present
  • Calculator bug caused by slow animation fixed
  • Some emoji are tweaked
  • Additional Live wallpapers for iPhone X (see here)
  • Apple Pay Cash beta for testing
  • New introductory pricing option for subscription apps

In the addition to the changes above, New Control Center indicator on iPhone X (previously spotted from Apple but not in earlier iOS versions) 00001 iOS 11.2 beta 3 00002 iOS 11.2 beta 3 00003 iOS 11.2 beta 3 00004 iOS 11.2 beta 3. tvOS 11.2 adds new features to Apple TV 4K including the ability to control when the video is played back in HDR and at various frame rates.


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