This is not the first time that we have heard of Microsoft Andromeda foldable Windows 10 tablet, leaked concept images was released months ago together with other tech companies. Sony and Samsung have also revolved around that subject. The mysterious Microsoft project called Andromeda have been around for a while a few details of the device. The good news is that some new information has emerged, giving us unprecedented insight into what Microsoft might be cooking up behind closed doors.

Windows Central has published a detailed report that suggests Andromeda is actually a new foldable device “with an emphasis on pen and digital-ink functionality”. The report notes that this device will run on Windows 10 and “could be here as soon as next year”.

It’s technically a tablet device, but sources say it’s “designed to be pocketable when folded”, bringing it down to the size of a phone. It’s also tipped to feature telephony capabilities – like making calls and sending texts – so you could technically replace your real smartphone with it.

But the report notes: “My sources make it clear, however, that this is not supposed to be a smartphone replacement, but rather a device similar to the cancelled ‘Microsoft Courier’. In short, Andromeda is a digital pocket notebook.”

The writer goes on: “I’m told the device puts pen and inking at the very forefront of its experience, with some prototypes opening up into a notebook app that’s tied to OneNote,” adding: “The notebook app itself is designed in a way that mimics writing in a real notebook, with virtual pages that spread across the foldable device.”

This Andromeda folding tablet is tipped to become one of the new wave of upcoming devices running on Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon processors. The first of these Snapdragon laptops are expected to début in September. The folding tablet of Microsoft will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset and could be Surface-branded once it launches. It will also have a smartphone’s capabilities when folded and arrive with a stylus. Its launch date is still unknown but we can’t expect it to be released before the second half of 2018.

A folding phone-cum-tablet is an interesting move from Microsoft, given that the firm has resolutely culled its mobile business only this year. However, the company still appears to be all-in on hybrids, and this is arguably just another take on the 2-in-1s we’ve seen rising in popularity among consumers



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