Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q508/SE, Tab Q508/SB

Fujitsu announced two new enterprise tablet models in the Fujitsu Tablet ARROWS Tab series of Windows tablets, the ARROWS Tab Q508/SE, for the education sector, and the ARROWS Tab Q508/SB, for widespread enterprise use.

Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q508/SE, Tab Q508/SB offer enhanced toughness and reliability with water and dust resistance while being even more lightweight with a greater screen brightness and improved screen film to make them even easier to be used.

Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q508/SE was designed for classroom use, easier to use by offering such features as enhanced pen functionality to imitate the sense of pencil on paper, as well as by offering device diagnostic tools to keep lessons running smoothly. Moreover, ARROWS Tab Q508/SB, for enterprise users, can be custom was instructed to include a touch fingerprint sensor.

Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q508/SE, Tab Q508/SB

Main Features of the Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q508/SE, Tab Q508/SB

Both models have thinner touch panels and LCD glass, slimmed down chassis cover, and miniaturized components that connect to the keyboard or cradle. This cut weight by about 5% opposed to earlier models. In addition, visible outdoors and in other bright space has been improved in each model by making the LCD screen brighter by about 35% compared to earlier models, and by improving the screen film.

The ARROWS Tab Q508/SE education model offers enhanced functionality for the pen used when studying, improving the writing sensation by shortening the time from pen response until that input is reflected on the screen and by reducing the visible gap between the pen tip and actual display of the line.

Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q508/SE, Tab Q508/SB

The ARROWS Tab Q508/SB enterprise model, also improved basic functions, is allowed to be customized to include a touch fingerprint sensor. This option provides a safe and secure work environment for a variety of tasks.

Both models now feature USB Type-C to connect to a variety of devices and this is supposed to become a more common feature. The port is reversible so users can connect devices without concern about which way it is facing. The new models also offer video output so they can be connected to external audiovisual devices via an adapter. A light and thin keyboard featuring a wired LAN connection that supports Wake-up On LAN(4) is also available as an optional dedicated accessory.




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