Microsoft's Edge browser

Microsoft Edge is not only a Windows 10 exclusive and Microsoft browser, this is ok because it has a good effect on Windows Mobile and now it will be available for both Android and iOS.  Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS brings similar features that you could already experience on Windows platform.

“But what makes Microsoft Edge really stand out is the ability to continue on your PC, which enables you to immediately open the page you’re looking at right on your PC-or save it to work on later”, says the Windows blog post.

How to get the Microsoft’s Edge browser on iOS and Android

iOS users can test the app via Apple TestFlight, while the Android users can sign up to get the preview app first.

Open the text message that you receive on your phone tap the link in the message and install the Microsoft Apps from the App Store or Play Store. Alternatively, on Android, tap the More icon (three vertical dots) tap Share tap Continue on PC.

The web page will appear on your PC or if you selected “Continue later” a reminder will appear in your PC’s Action Center.

Only available for Android, as Apple doesn’t allow the iPhone’s launcher to be customized, the Microsoft Launcher is a customizable launcher based on Microsoft’s Fluent design. And, Microsoft Launcher is available starting today in the preview as well. The app requires Android 4.0.3 or higher. With the new preview apps, as per Microsoft, it will be easy to switch working between your phone and PC, nearly instantly. The new-launched Microsoft Launcher has also been launched by the company. The Feed is accessed by swiping right on the Microsoft Launcher. Like the Edge browser, Microsoft Launcher also comes with “Continue on PC” feature, as well.

The Microsoft’s Edge browser comes to iOS and Android preview only works on phones and tablet and iPad support are coming. Other countries and languages will be added later.


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