This week, we have a been discussing the deals on Apple iPads. We are about to change the tide, we came in contact with great Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 deals. The deal is from an only store Kogan which give almost $150 off on the three listed deals.

The first deal is on Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 (256GB, i7, 8GB RAM), which was initially $2649 but now going for $2439 + Delivery

The second deal is still on Surface pro but this time, it is the Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 (128GB, i5, 4GB RAM), which is initially $1699 but goes for $1589. Cool deal right?

Finally, the deal is still in the same family of the surface pro. Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 (256GB, i5, 8GB RAM) initially cost is $2199 but now goes for $2089.



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