There are lots of choices in tablets today and our finest tablet round-up includes all the types you can think about, just like the best iPad and most effective Android tablets. Here are the 3 Best Tablets to Buy in 2017!

Whether you’re seeking for something to sling in your handbag watching the latest episode of Westwood, or an upgrade for your tired notebook, we’ve got something for you personally.

There are a handful of upcoming tablets that may find their way into this list. All the Tabs listed in here have pretty good Config and are fast too! They all have inbuilt GPU which makes gaming good and lag free! Check out some of the Best GPU you can get for your PC on TechCompact!

The main points to consider are price and size, though a few new tablets these days that offer something different.

3 Best Tablets to Buy in 2017

Huawei MediaPad M3 – Best Tablet to Buy in 2017

Huawei’s latest mini tablet may be a pricey piece of kit, nonetheless, it will do what it pieces out to do perfectly. The 8.4 inch 3560 x 1600 resolution display is excellent, while the plentiful internal mixture of the Kirin 950 and 4GB RAM makes it quick and snappy to use. The media experience is improved by the great-sounding speakers.

It looks great too, with a durable metal and glass body that has a similar look to the brand’s flagship P9 smartphone. It has similar problems to that phone as well, notably the dodgy EMUI software program that Huawei helps to keep loading on Android 6.0.1. It’s gradual, ugly and buggy and not as effective as competing UIs.

32GB of internal storage comes as regular ( plus a micro SD cards slot) and there’s a decent 8MP rear and front camera. Much like any tablet camera, we’d not use the camera as the main source to take pictures. Using your Phone’s camera or any external camera would be preferred.

Get Huawei MediaPad M3 here.

3 Best Tablets to Buy in 2017

Google Pixel C – Best Tablet to Buy in 2017

The Google Pixel C may be the first Android tablet designed and built exclusively by Google and it’s a damn okay start. The 10.2-inch screen makes the Pixel C experience similar to an iPad Air, however, the optional keyboard case includes an outstanding magnetic hinge that means it is an extremely useful tool.

Of course, being truly a Google product, it runs a totally clean version of Android and it’s been altered to be better on a tablet display, which is great. The only downside is the comparative lack of good tablet apps for Android. More of those good apps will be launched in future!

Still, this is an excellent tablet with a brilliant display that’s blisteringly fast because of the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor. If you would like a Google Android Tablet, click here.

Best Tablets 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – Best Tablet to Buy in 2017

Samsung’s most recent high-end tablet is great, it’s actually great in a few areas, however, the poor software program really lets it straight down. Android just isn’t constructed for tablets and the multitasking implementation is definitely not the best.

Still, this tablet is ideal for media because of the HDR display and impressive battery life. In addition, it possesses an S-Pen in the package, which is correct and simple to write and draw with.

You can Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 here.


So, these were the Best Tablets one can Buy in 2017. All these tabs are branded and you don’t have to worry about the quality. You get what you pay for!

Not all the Tablets out there are good but you can always rely on the ones given above. They are the best ones you can find! Although the Tabs are not really a device you want to run Android OS on but with the advancement in the Tech and Google updating the UI, it just gets better and better with time.

In the coming time, the Android OS will be more compatible with the Tablets than Phones!



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