Would you say that you are the kind of parent that would buy an iPad spying app for child monitoring? Do you look down on parents that go to these lengths to know what their kids are doing with their mobile gadget? Some parents disagree with the importance of using such apps. They think invading the privacy of their kids is setting a bad example. However, a larger number of parents think otherwise. Sadly, kids as young as 12 years are easy targets for sexual predators online. Moreover, kids younger than this often stumble across porn sites.

What do Kids do with their iPhone/iPad?

For starters, giving a child his or her first iPhone is like handing them the world in their palms. It makes it almost impossible for them to pay attention to studies, socializing in the real world, or playing real games that make them exercise. They can play online games, spend hours talking to random strangers on social media and IM chats without the knowledge of their parents, and share photos and videos of themselves. After making online friends, kids become daring enough to meet strangers without anyone accompanying them. This has led to many kidnapping, rape, and murder incidences.

Does Good Parenting Mean to buy an iPad Spying App for Child Monitoring?

This is one of the most controversial discussions, but a higher number of parents admit that given the mobile age we live in, it is a good practice. Four or five decades and more ago, parenting was something else. Kids had no secrets to hide, they had to follow a strict routine, attend school and head home, do their homework, play outside with neighbours, and go to bed with a bedtime story. Those were wonderful days!

Today, kids have their own right to freedom. Parents cannot spank them or impose their authority on their kids. They sneak out of home or divert to other places on their way to or from school to meet people alone. Keeping an eye on your kids to make sure that they are living a healthy lifestyle and safe is good parenting.

Monitoring Mobile Activity Can Strengthen Parent-Child Relationship

As kids grow older, parents play the roles of good and bad cops. In every situation, one has to be the disciplinarian since the other the negotiator. This instills a sense of caution in kids when they approach their parents. Most of the time, they avoid telling their parents about the situation they are in because they don’t want to look bad to their parents. Sometimes, they are too afraid of the reaction their parents will have. One major concern kids, especially boys have, is to keep their parents’ interference at bay.

When there are secrets, the relationship cannot be strong. You can find a lot of parenting advice online; one important tip for parents is to be more of a friend than to be a cop. You can tell them that you want their safety from threats online and in the real world. Educate them about consequences of making bad decisions like meeting strangers alone.

What You Can Track with Such Apps

Once you buy an iPhone/iPad spying app for child monitoring you can do a lot with these apps. For starters, screen all text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, IM chats, photos and videos, social media activity, places visited and lots more. You can listen to recorded calls and ambient discussions, block unwanted contacts, email addresses, and block unwanted installed apps. One important feature for parents is access to browser history and bookmarks. You can also track social media activity like Tinder and Instagram.

Conclusively, a responsible and caring parent would buy an iPad spying app to keep his or her kid safe online. Using such apps can help prevent greater and harsher disasters.



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