New Features Added On Windows 10 For Built 16251, 16226, 16199 And 16215

Microsoft is making sure that all update coming to Windows 10 Devices are fixed and stable, over 300 new features and improvements to Windows, and Windows Mobile, Insider preview builds.

This includes a stunning new design for Start and Action Center; a totally new touch keyboard on PC; faster, more convenient ways to store and share content; plus, one of the most requested Windows 10 features yet. Simply go to Windows Update or Phone Update in your device settings and click Check for updates. If you haven’t yet installed an Insider Preview build, go here for quick and easy installation tips for Windows 10 Insider Preview and go here for quick and easy installation tips for Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview.

New Windows 10 Insider Preview features

Stay better connected. Pinned contacts display a counter if there are unseen messages. To share a file, simply drag-and-drop onto a contact to start an email — or share directly via the share picker. (Build 16199)

A new design. The UI for Start and Action Center includes elements of our new Fluent Design System such as Acrylic Material — a cool, translucent effect. (Build 16215)

Pinned sites are back. You can now pin a website to the taskbar from Microsoft Edge. (Build 16215)

A better handwriting experience. The new handwriting panel has more gestures, easier editing, and emoji. Fill the panel and lift your pen off the screen — the text will shift so you have room to continue writing. (Build 16215)

A clever way to keep track of events. Using visual intelligence, Cortana (with your permission) can prompt you to create a reminder when she notices event posters that you’ve added to your camera roll4 – or when you use your pen to circle event information for an event on a website. (16215)

A totally new touch keyboard on PC. Enhanced text prediction, shape writing with the one-handed touch keyboard, and dictation on the desktop.6 (Build 16215) Plus the keyboard supports 26 languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. (Build 16226)

OneDrive Files On-Demand. Access your files in the cloud without downloading and using storage space on your device. All your files, even online-only files, can be seen in File Explorer and work just like every other file on your device. (Build 16226)

Currency converter in Calculator. One of the top customer feedback requests since the launch of Windows 10 is now available for Windows Insiders to try. (Build 16226)

The narrator gets artificial intelligence. Now Narrator can do things like generate descriptions for images that lack alternative text. The service also includes the ability to extract text from images using optical character recognition. (Build 16226)

Link your phone and PC. This first set of ‘linking’ features is focused on cross-device web-browsing using an Android phone. Follow these simple steps to have your browsing sessions from your phone automatically show up on the PC that you’ve chosen. Then register here, if you’d like to help us refine these features even further. (Build 16251)




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