Apple iOS 11 have passed different phases of beta testing, we will see the stable version in September this year, as we are waiting for this update, take a look that the features coming in this update. Am sorry to say that not all Apple devices are going to get this update, here are the devices that will be on iOS 11 list 

New App Store

The App Store has a fresh new look for iOS 11 with separate tabs along the bottom for games, apps, updates, search and a new “Today” screen which features things like the “App of the Day.”

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps

One-Handed Keyboard

Well, this feature is not new to Android users. Those with a big phone and not so big hands will now be able to type single-handedly thanks to this new feature. By holding on the emoji button, you will be able to scoot the keyboard to the right or left side to tap those hard to reach keys.

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps

New Dock for iPad

The iPad gets a new Mac-inspired dock for iOS 11 which is available from any screen. Just swipe up to get a spread of intelligently suggested apps tailored to what you’re doing.

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps

Lock screen/Notification Center Merger

The notification centre has merged with the lock screen. Swipe down from the top of the screen in any app to be greeted with the day’s notifications along with the time and date.

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps

Do Not Disturb While Driving

In an effort to encourage safe driving, iOS 11 has a new feature which silences notifications while driving. Of course there is a way to tell the phone you’re a passenger, but hopefully, the few extra steps will keep people focused more on the road and less on Snapchat.

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps


Apple Maps debuted in 2012, Apple has worked to put its navigation system on top. With iOS 11, they might have attended their goal. The updated Maps app displays the posted speed limit, has lane guidance to avoid confusion on the highway and even has indoor maps for select malls and airports.

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps

Send Money via Apple Pay in iMessage

In-person money transferring apps like google pay or even Samsung pay may be on the new update after iOS 11 goes live. The update allows users to send money via Apple Pay directly from iMessage.

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps


Siri gets a new look, a more natural voice and some new features in iOS 11, as Microsoft adds new features to Cortana. With her new gig in the upcoming HomePod, Siri becomes a lot smarter when it comes to music, responding to requests to play “something I like,” as well as gaining the ability to answer music trivia questions such as naming the lead singer of a band. Watch Alexa and Google home

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps


The camera in iOS 11 also gets some upgrades including an upgraded portrait mode which features more natural skin tones and professional grade filters to add a little extra zing.

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps


Live Photos can be changed to Loop or Bounce depending on the desired effect. Photos are also saved with a new type of compression technology which allows photos of the same quality to take up less space on the device. This feature will suppress Instagram Boomerang as they are also alike.

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps

Control Center

The most useful feature in iOS 11 is the new control centre which is finally customizable. Easy access to common switches such as Low Power Mode and Cellular Data answers one of the biggest complaints many people had about previous iterations of iOS. Tricks like native screen recording and an adjustable flashlight only make the change even more interesting.

Apple iOS 11 Top Feature And Apps


The new Apple iOS 11 will also feature news wallpaper, these pictures are mostly aerial shots of the landscape. Check it out.

Download Official iOS 11 Wallpapers For Apple iPad Now

New and Update Apps

Here is the list of the apps that are going to be on Apple iOS 11
App Store
Apple Music
Control Center
Family Sharing
Find My Friends
Find My iPhone®
iCloud Drive
iTunes Store
Night Shift
Notification Center
Photo Booth
QuickType keyboard
Spotlight Search


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