Samsung has worked on foldable tablets/phones for years, this is not new to us. Well for newbies Samsung has been on and off on the development of Galaxy x foldable phone/tablet at various stages. We will see if this year will yield their great effort. Last week Lenovo showed off Folio concept flexible tablet/phone at Lenovo tech world 2017, this device is awesome, as per the Sony p foldable tablet and the Microsoft foldable tablet too

The device first real leak from an official document in public, back in February that could be pinned to Samsung as evidence of a foldable Samsung tablet coming sometime soon.

According to Sammobile, they believe that based on their own few pieces of information so far about a foldable mobile device from Samsung, the Samsung SM-G888 is the model number for the foldable Samsung Galaxy X. Samsung devices in the phone group that has been officially Bluetooth certified. The first one was Samsung OWY on July 16, with the newest Bluetooth 5.0 standard. But now today,

The Samsung SM-G888NO was listed last Friday on July 28, with Bluetooth 4.2, also in the phone category. This device had previously Wi-Fi certified back in April, with dual-band Wi-Fi and Android 6.0.



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