Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which was stated to arrive later this year (likely in September). This windows update will have with great features, like the toggle of game mode, the ability to send links from Android smart phone to pc, Cortana can now shut down, reboot devices with voice command and edge browsers also improved a lot too.

Sending to link to android phone from pc is way cool, but this will be in the form of an SMS Before you can actually receive this link in SMS format you need to install the Microsoft Apps on your android phone. To enable the feature, go to Settings => Phone and link your phone. 

With Android phone, when you are visiting a website you want to view on your PC, just hit the share option and pick the “Continue on PC” option. You’ll need to sign in with your Microsoft Account (you have to use the same account you are using on your PC). Then pick “Continue now” (the website will open on the linked PC) or “Continue later” (the website will show up in the Action Center).

Cortana received some upgrades too, she now has voice commands to lock, sign-out, shut down, or turn off your PC. The available commands are as follows and this feature is only available in English for now.

Hey Cortana, restart PC.
Hey Cortana, turn off PC.
Hey Cortana, sign out.
Hey Cortana, lock PC.

List Of Issues Fix On Microsoft Windows 10

Fixed an issue from the last flight where if you had display scaling set higher than 100 percent, you might meet a bug where the hit targeting was offset when interacting with various parts of the shell. This was particularly noticeable in Action Center, where it might seem that nothing in Action Center could be clicked or tapped, but could also have been experienced in other UI around the system.

Fixed an issue resulting in IMAP email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Aol potentially not syncing in the Mail app in the last two builds.

Fixed the issue causing Windows Defender Security Center will be unable to configure and list items for Controlled folder access, Threat History, and Exclusions due to a crash in the UI.

Narrator Scan Mode is now on by default for just the Edge app. You can continue to toggle Scan Mode on and off with Caps Lock + Space.

Fixed a bug that resulting in poor text rendering on some machines when Magnifier was running with bitmap smoothing enabled.

Fixed an issue where the Windows Defender Security Center icon appeared unexpectedly stretched out when using a wide sized tile pinned to Start.

Fixed an issue where certain inbox apps might unexpectedly show a progress bar on their Start tiles for a short time after upgrading.

Fixed an issue resulting in explorer.exe using an unexpectedly high amount of CPU in recent flights when certain apps such as Microsoft Edge were running.

Fixed an issue where Groove Music’s mini view player would reset its place to default if you used File Explorer to open and start playing a new mp3 in Groove Music.

Fixed an issue resulting in some apps, such as Tweetium, not rendering the UI correctly and becoming difficult to use.

Fixed an issue resulting in the notification prompting you to enter tablet mode not working properly when you access in recent flights.

The My People emoji above the Taskbar is now referred to simply as “My People notifications.” This terminology can be found in Taskbar Settings.

Fixed an issue where the mouse response might seem erratic on certain devices when playing games with Raw Input disabled.

Fixed an issue where the insertion point mouse cursor appeared white for some Insiders, making it invisible against the white background of many text boxes.

Some Insiders may have noticed the Windows Error Dialog had a new string in recent flights (“opening a portal to another dimension”) — it has now been updated to say the problem is being reported to Microsoft.

Fixed the issue with PC Games using the Origin overlay where the use overlay may cause game movement to lock up.

TruePlay, formerly called Game Monitor, is a placeholder within the Windows UI. Your games cannot be affected at this time.


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