Representatives of Google said that visually it will have several similarities with Android, but will in addition receive and radical features.

Earlier, representatives of Google revealed that Chrome OS will be the, to begin with, the adaptive system for tablets together with smartphones, who previously worked on Android os. About its exact properties are not yet known.

Google Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer said that an operating system was developed by specialists of the company Android Inc. Everyone was developed three versions of the interface with essential differences, however, the leadership decided this variation. It has resemblances with the classic Android OS, nevertheless the creators believe this to be a advantage in that users will not have long to get used to the appearance of the desktop and also options programs.


Information regarding the introduction of tablets, Chrome Operating system has already been accredited by Google Vice President. In accordance with Hiroshi Lockheimer, using its own operating system will significantly affect the cost of production of the company. The first tablet with Chrome OS will probably be available by the end of this year.



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