Crowdfunded Eve V Windows 10 Tablet Arrives At The FCC

A fresh Windows 10 tablet is actually discovered earning its means through the FCC this week made by Eve Tech, which was originally funded thanks to a wonderful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign late last year.

Designed as the first ever crowd developed computer, the Eve V follows on from the successful launch of the previous Eve T1 tablet, in addition to its arrival at the FCC indicates that the new Windows 10 tablet may well soon be available to purchase by users.

The Eve V Windows 10 tablet consists of an IGZO display, Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, prolonged 48W battery offering unto 12 hours of life, a laptop-grade attachable keyboard, connectivity by means of Bluetooth 4.2 and is run by a 7th gen Intel Core processor. Which might be supported by up to 16GB of RAM with as much as 512GB solid state drive (SSD) of storage all enclosed in an aluminium body.


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