Every Network Carriers are just updating their devices, Verizon won’t be an exception. Verizon Wireless just announced that users of Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 with be getting a software update for your device. This software update will optimise device performance, resolve known issues and apply the latest security patches for Software Version: NRD90M.T818VVRU1BQE1.


The new battery management feature helps maximise your battery’s potential.
Easy access, customizable presets for Medium power saving mode or Maximum power saving mode. App Power Monitor detects inactive apps still using the battery, and puts them to sleep, extending your battery charge.

This update brings multi-tasking. Android Nougat now supports split screen, side by side viewing of any two apps. Press the Recent App button and select split screen view for the desired apps.

The 7.0 nougat update is more fun for those who loves pictures and editing images. It makes your photos great the first time with the new Effects preview screen. Preview all available effects and filters while taking a picture. Launch the camera app, swipe left and choose the one you like best. You can also explore other unique effects by tapping Download link on top.

I love prediction when typing, this update improves that action. A new keyboard engine with updated language data provides better predictions. If you’d like to continue using the same languages configured prior to this software update, simply follow the on-screen instructions shown when using the keyboard for the first time.


How to Get The Software Update

Wi-Fi Only OTA Programming – Wi-Fi Exclusive Update

If Wi-Fi is enabled and your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, your device will be able to receive and download new software updates. The download will take place when the device is in Wi-Fi coverage, but coverage does not need to be consistent. You can use multiple Wi-Fi networks and disconnect from/reconnect to Wi-Fi, and the update will continue to download from where it left off until complete.

When the download is complete, you’ll receive a notification that there’s a new software update available for installation. Tap Install Now to continue with the installation. The device will power off and back on and the installation process will begin. You’ve successfully updated your software.

Server-Initiated Software Update

You’ll be notified on your device that a software update is available. Select Install now and your device will power off and back on and the installation process will begin. Tap OK to begin the installation.

Note: If you choose to Defer, this will delay installation and you’ll be taken back to the Home screen. The software update message will appear periodically until you install the update.

After you’ve received first notification of the software update, you can manually initiate by going to Home > Applications > Settings > About Device > Software updates. Under System updates, tap Restart & install to install the update. Your device will power off and back on and the installation process will begin. Once the installation is complete, the device will power off and then back on again. You’ve successfully updated your software.

User-Initiated Software Update

This process allows a user to navigate through the device options to seek updates.
From the Home screen, tap the Menu Key > Settings > About phone > Software updates > Check for Updates.¬†If your device finds a new software update, tap Download now. When complete, a screen will appear advising you that the new version of the software is ready to be installed. Tap Install update. The device will power down and power back on. A screen will appear stating that the installation has been completed. Tap OK. You’ve successfully updated your software.

System Update while Roaming

If you’re roaming, you won’t receive a software update notice. To update, you’ll need to either enable Wi-Fi and wait for the update notice to appear or manually update by going to Home > Application > Settings > About device > Software updates.

To enable Wi-Fi: Go to Settings > Wireless & networks. Tap Wi-Fi.

To connect to an available Wi-Fi network, select Wi-Fi settings and select an available Wi-Fi network or manually add a Wi-Fi network.

If the software update fails to install, you’ll get an error screen. However, this only means the software didn’t install properly. The device will power back on with original software and will prompt you again to install the software update.


If you don’t have a strong connection to Wi-Fi or the Verizon Wireless network, you may not be able to perform a software update over the air. Instead, you can connect your device to a computer with Internet access. Connect your device to your computer using your USB cable, then download the Software Upgrade Assistant Tool to your computer, which will check for software updates and initiate the software update process.




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