Download And Install Google Play Store On Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon additionally branded the running device that they arrive with. while at its centre it would resemble Android tablet, a Kindle fire tablet truly uses Amazon’s own intricate skin on top which hinders users from the use of everyday Android programs at the handset. In reimbursement, Amazon indicates its personal app save, genuinely referred to as the Amazon Appstore, which includes round 600 thousand programs.

whilst that might sound like extra than a person would ever want, understand that not all of them are the best exceptional and additionally now not the satisfactory option of their respective area considering the fact that users could probably appreciate an alternative from the Google Play store instead. the best information is that customers can certainly get the Android Play keep the app on their Kindle fire devices without rooting it. here’s how:

  • The first thing that needs to be done is to get the ADB tool installed on the PC which will be used for the entire operation
  • Once ADB is acquired, another tool is also necessary and its name is SuperTool. This important tool developed by RootJunky is crucial in getting the Play Store installed on the Kindle Fire. The contents of a folder called AmazonFire5thGenSuperTool must be copied into the ADB installation directory
  • The next step requires the activation of the tablet’s Developer Options. To get there, users must tap successively and quickly on the Serial Number located under Device Options from Settings. Once done, users must use the newly appeared USB Computer Connection section and set it to PTP Camera. Once that’s done, ADB must be enabled (there will be an Enable ADB option after pressing “back”)
  • After users make sure that their device’s screen sleep is set to at least 10 minutes (so the screen is always on) they can connect it to the computer

For Windows

Users simply have to open the batch file named 1-Amazon-Fire-5th-gen

For Mac

The process is a bit trickier on Macs, as they need to open a Terminal instance as well as the _MACOSX folder. After that, they to type chmod 755, type a space then drag ._3 – in the terminal. After that pressing enter will result in the installed tool starting to look for the ADB service.

  • A menu will appear next with multiple options and paths to follow. The second one (pressing 2) will install Google Play Store
  • The last step in the installation will be to confirm each prompt as it seems throughout the installation
  • Once the installation is complete, users need to restart their tablets and then install Google Play Services. This will allow them to download and install apps using their newly installed Play Store.



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