A trusted source has revealed to us Motorola is right now taking a shot at another tablet gadget – its first in years. Our source could give the screenshot you see at the highest point of this post, showing one new component of the tablet that we, until further notice, know valuable minimal about. We are exceedingly certain about the nature of this data.

The tablet itself is on the bigger size, likely around 9-10 creeps in the corner to corner. It has a superior look and feels, too. Lamentably, we have nothing else to go ahead about the gadget itself. We don’t have a processor, a name, or even a screen measurement. We do accept in any event a few forms of this gadget could offer cell availability. It’s vague when it will be discharged, or even where.

What we can examine is the screenshot above, which alludes to an “efficiency mode” the tablet will include that looks exceptionally cool. Essentially, you flip this flip, and you can stick applications to the navbar (not any more squandered space!), rapidly exchanging forward and backward between them without using the multitask UI or backpedal to the home screen. It makes Android look extremely Chrome OS-y, no? You can close an application by long-pushing on a symbol in the navbar and be dragging it up, which appears to recommend to me that applications on the navbar will be kept in memory and be running until evacuated. That could make for more quick multitasking, maybe. Be that as it may, I’m simply conjecturing there – all we need to go on is this screenshot.

The screenshot likewise demonstrates to us what resembles a devoted application drawer catch on the navbar, which I think bodes well on a tablet, genuinely.

On the off chance that we take in more about this secret Moto tablet, we’ll make sure to tell you. For the present, this is the thing that we have – and I need to concede, it as of now looks significantly more encouraging than whatever Google’s been attempting to do with Android on tablets of late.



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