Lenovo Blade

Lenovo may be rethinking the tablet computer. again. The corporation that delivered us the Yoga convertible design and the Yoga e-book virtual keyboard seems to have a new idea for a 2-in-1 tablet called the Lenovo Blade.

according to a description at the iF world design manual Award website, the Blade is a multi-purpose tablet with a removable keyboard and Miracast wi-fi show abilities.

What’s interesting is that the Blade doesn’t have a kickstand like a Microsoft floor. as a substitute, it has a cover that acts as a stand, more like an optional iPad cover… but not definitely, due to the fact the Lenovo Blade’s cowl is simply built into the tablet.

So here’s the idea: you may cowl the screen for transportation. when you need to use the tablet in your palms, just flip over the duvet flap so it’s at the returned.

need to prop up the tablet? you could fold the duvet in methods that allow you to both stand it up for watching films or lie it down at an almost flat angle. way to Miracast wi-fi show technology, Lenovo’s photos endorse you could use the tablet as a touchscreen keyboard in this mode, even as beaming snapshots to an external show.

There’s additionally removable keyboard that connects to the system using magnets, permitting you to use the device in notebook mode.

The layout documents are a bit indistinct on one key point: is the tablet segment simply a full-fledged PC in its own right? Or is it just a wi-fi show and touch surface that connects to the computer additives hidden inside the keyboard base?


notebook Italia speculates that each element of the Lenovo Blade may truly have their personal computer hardware: maybe the keyboard phase has the guts of a home windows PC, even as the screen can characteristic as a standalone Android tablet? It wouldn’t be the primary time Lenovo attempted something like that.

It’s also not clearly clear at this point of Lenovo plans to deliver the Blade to the marketplace, or if it’s just an idea.


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