Nexus 7 2017 is rumored to p.c. enticing hardware setup with an Android operating device. find out extra!

metal or ceramic frame

the second one technology of Nexus 7 comes out with rubbery returned. it is most unlikely for Google to use the same formula with the 2017 version, as the Nexus 7 should have a scratch resistant steel or glass returned panel as a substitute.

Snapdragon 820 or 835 processor

final 12 months’ rumors counseled that the Nexus 7 might have a Snapdragon 820 chipset but this yr, Qualcomm brought the quickest processor up to now, the 835 series. If the Nexus 7 will materialize in 2017, the tablet is highly possibly to use the effective chip to fulfill VR needs.

32 GB or 64 GB internal storage

Google added two versions of Nexus 7 in 2013: the sixteen GB and 32 GB storage. it is achievable that Google will increase the reminiscence up o 64 GB for the top tier and 32 GB for the inexpensive variation, Geek responds pronounced.

4 GB or 6 GB of RAM

The older Nexus 7 receives 2 gigs of RAM. Google may not be as insane as Samsung with its Chromebook’s eight GB of RAM but a respectable 6 GB for a mini tablet remains an awesome preference.

A big tablet

After the Walleye and Muskie fishy codenames had been found out, Forbes has made an evaluation of the 1/3 fish, Taimen. Taimen is a large one weighing more than a hundred kg. That being the case, Google ought to suggest a large tool, larger tablet or probably a combination of powerful hardware and huge display? The legitimate media outlet went on to mention that Taimen will be a Pixel XXL with a display at least 6.2-inch huge.

Android O

The Nexus 7 2017 is incredibly possibly to run Android O working device. Speculative reports began to have a robust cause as there may be no Andromeda OS spotted anywhere. Hiroshi Lockheimer firmly stated that there may be no merging among Chrome and Android OS, depended on evaluations suggested.

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