The Getac F110 Rugged Tablet

In the contemporary universe of law requirement, network to the Internet is useful as well as obligatory. Regardless of whether we understand it or not… whether that association is in our cruiser, by method for our cell phone, or through an old issued Blackberry… we rely on upon the Internet for network to “huge information” so we can dig that information for data we have to bolster implementation endeavors. The more versatile that get to indicate information is, the happier we are. Many (if not most) cruisers have Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) or portable PCs in them nowadays, however, what number of officers are furnished with a completely utilitarian tablet (PC) they can detract from their cruiser? Imagine a scenario where they could utilize it when mounted on horseback. On bike task? On an optional business area?

Enter the Getac F110 rough tablet PC. As a person who utilizes his iPad and iPhone every day, I don’t require persuading that there’s incentive in a tablet. As a person who is apprehensive for his wallet each time I drop either gadget or blast either off of an entryway (or whatever), I can profoundly welcome a tablet that is ruggedized enough to take regular utilize (and mishandle). While regardless i’m not an aficionado of the Windows 8 highlights fused into Windows 10, that is inspired nothing to do with the tablet’s plan elements or capacity to execute as we officers require.

In the event that you need a thought of how enormous this tablet is in your grasp, go to your neighborhood office supply store and get a winding bound scratch pad. The truth is out. The 11.6″ screen (measured on the corner to corner) fits into a tablet generally the length and width of a sheet of consistent notepad paper and the entire tablet itself is about ¾” thick. While that IS very smaller, after you’ve held it out in one hand to work with the other for any critical timeframe, it starts to weigh on your wrist and fingers. Exploit the cushioned corner stands (not certain that is the thing that Getac calls them, but rather it’s the way I came to consider them) to put it on any sensible level surface to proceed with your work.

That 11.6″ show is High Definition and upheld by your decision (on request) of either the Intel Skylake Core i5 or i7 processor notwithstanding Intel HD Graphics drivers that bolster 3D representation and video. Getac put their exclusive LumiBond 2.0 touchscreen innovation into this tablet which highlights four distinctive touch modes including touch, glove and pen. I tried every one of the three of those and can disclose to you they all worked without an issue. There is an undeniable distinction between the tablet’s response to each to the extent time and specificity of touch, yet that will be normal given the distinction in contact surface utilizing those three diverse info instruments (finger, gloved finger and gave fastened pen).

For availability to that exceptionally critical Internet, the F110 can be designed with a 4G LTE WWAN notwithstanding its 802.11ac WiFi on the off chance that you need. The test show I got had just the WiFi availability (which was fine because of testing conditions). In the event that your F110 tablet will be mounted in your cruiser – even low maintenance – it is accessible with the fundamental go through radio wire ports allowing association with GPS, WWAN and WLAN reception apparatuses. Those reception apparatuses and network additionally bolster the discretionary GPS unit accessible with the F110 – which is significant if dispatch can’t get hold of you on the radio and individuals need to discover you.

The greater part of that is great data to have however what I truly needed to know was, “Will this tablet still work after it’s been through a run of the mill day in the hands of a cop and all that carries with it?” The distributed data says that the F110 is tried to meet MIL-STD 810G and MIL-STD-461F. Since I don’t realize what those are off the highest point of my head, I did what each great analyst today does: I Googled them.

While I have/had no enthusiasm for testing the unit for electromagnetic similarity, it regarded realize that it had been tried to a standard. Then again, I had an immediate need to know whether the tablet would face being dropped, slammed, gotten wet, and so forth. I knew it wouldn’t survive submersion (or possibly I didn’t think it would), yet I anticipated that it would survive a few drops from three feet (generally the tallness of a cruiser trunk top or hood beat) and being struck into/off of door jambs more than once.

How could I test that? I took it out to the parking garage, set it on the storage compartment of one of our cruisers and swiped it off… watching it ricochet when it landed. Yes, despite everything it worked… so I did it once more… and once more. Three drop tests consecutive where it was knocked off the storage compartment of a 2014 Dodge Charger. It worked all through and a while later without issue.

To test the “hit into” roughness I did precisely that. I snared it onto a shoulder strap and strolled around the working with it, purposefully getting excessively near door jambs, entryways, work areas, and so forth. It ricocheted off a goodly number of things far harder than it is. It worked without issue all through and a while later.


At last, MIL-STD-810 has a segment for stickiness and another for “tainting by liquids.” As I stated, I didn’t anticipate that it will survive submersion yet I anticipated that it would survive substantial rain or potentially high dampness. To test that I presented it to sprinkles from a hose, what might as well be called which I felt would be a substantial precipitation. No issues. At that point I set it up in a stogie humidor with a normal stickiness of 70% and left it for a day. It worked after that without issue also.

Shy of hitting it with a mallet, I couldn’t think about some other testing to be finished with it. It had passed all the testing I’d put it through and, in view of the distributed material, met every one of the prerequisites my office would have for a ruggedized tablet.



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