In February the A64 tablet processor was officially GMS certified and now offers Android 7.0. There is a limited number of SoCs within the tablet device market offering the Android 7.0 platform. Allwinner Technology’s contribution to the deployment of Google’s latest OS update will play an import role in bringing its features to the consumer.

In comparison to other SoCs that are currently GMS certified the A64 offers significant advantages in functionality and security. It not only supports 1080P FHD display, H.265/HEVC 4k decoding, DTMB, SmartColor image enhancement, 3D surround sound but also features built-in OS security, full hardware-level encryption and ARMs secure Trustzone solution.

In 2017, Allwinner Technology will continue to innovate and dedicate resources to help drive the market forward. With enhancements of its current solutions and commitment to its long-term roadmap, Allwinner Technology will help offer manufacturers the reassurance they need to build new products in the future.

The A64 can not only be used as the foundation for tablet PC devices but is also versatile enough to create a range of other products that share some of the same features such as smart POS machines.


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