iPad Mini 5 release date, rumors, specs news

Apple has not released any concrete information regarding the possible release of an iPad Mini 5. It has been over a year since the iPad Mini 4 was released in September 2015, and consumers are curious about what Apple has in store for the handy tablet. There are rumors going around, however, about a 7.9-inch tablet that some believe will be launched in March this year.
There are also speculations that three new iPad models will be introduced this year that will include 12.9-inch, 10.1-10.5-inch, and 9.7-inch screens. The biggest of the three variants are said to be the iPad Pro 2, while the 10-inch model could possibly be the most affordable among all the iPad variants, the iPad Air 3.

Should Apple proceed with the iPad Mini 5, it is highly likely that it will be priced closely to its predecessor. Prices are expected to vary depending on the memory of the tablet. In the United Kingdom, the 32 GB WiFi-only tablet may cost £379, while its counterpart with the 4G feature might be priced at £499. Meanwhile, the 128 GB WiFi-only variant might cost £469, while its 4G counterpart might sell at £589.

There is still no word regarding the possibility of an iPad that will carry a 256 GB memory. However, it cannot be discounted at the same time should Apple decide to bring the iPad to the next level.
There are also rumors that the iPad Mini might possibly be rebranded and named the iPad Pro Mini. Regardless of the name, however, the new tablet is expected to feature Apple’s A9 processor with at least 32 GB of storage at a minimum. It is also said that it will still be made of 7000-series aluminum that was used for previous iPad Mini devices and will come with a much thinner body.


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