All Honor devices currently shipped with a locked bootloader including the latest Honor 8. The good news is that Huawei Is always willing to unlock but too adder I f their phones.

Unlocking your bootloader means that you can install a custom recovery like tarp with which you can root your phone, flash custom Roma and kernels.
In order to unlock your Honor 8 device completely, follow these steps carefully.
1. Visit here  and either create a new account or login with an existing Huawei account.
2. In the form displayed after logging in, enter:
    1. Your phone model (FRD-L09 for the Honor 8)
    2. Your phone serial number (this can be found in Settings -> About -> Status)
    3. Your phone IMEI1 (this can be found in Settings -> About -> Status)
    4. Your phone product ID (to find this, open the dialler and enter *#*#1357946#*#*)
    5. The captcha code
3. Press the ‘Submit’ button.
4. At this point you will either be provided with a code, or you will receive an error such as ‘The Huawei ID used to apply for the unlock code has not been used on the device for more than 14 days.’ If you get the error, you will need to use the unofficial method below.
5. Open a command window on your PC / Mac, which needs to have ‘adb’ and ‘fastboot’ installed from the Android SDK.
6. Enable USB debugging by tapping the build number in Settings -> About 5 times, then going back and selecting the option from the Development menu.
7. Enable OEM unlock in the Development menu.
8. Connect your phone to the PC and approve the security prompt on the device screen.
9. In the command window on your PC / Mac, this command to boot into fastboot mode

adb reboot bootloader

10. After booting into fastboot mode, enter the command to unlock your bootloader. [insertnumberhere] = number provided by Huawei website

fastboot oem unlock [insertnumberhere]

12. That’s it! You’re done!
Now it’s time to flash a custom recovery which in this case is TWRP. 
1. First of all  Download ADB Kit with Honor 8 TWRP >>> For Honor 8 FRD-AL09 or FRD-AL19

Download >>> For Honor 8 FRD-AL00 or FRD-AL10

2. Unrar adb_TWRP_H8_TEKHD.rar & make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your phone
3. Connect phone to your PC via USB
4. Open a command prompt inside the new folder “adb”
5.Hold down the SHIFT key and then right-click on “adb” folder

6 type this code in the command prompt to boot into download or fast boot mode

adb reboot bootloader

 7. Next type in the command prompt to install TWRP

 fastboot  flash recovery twrp.img

After successfully flashing TWRP, type this into the command prompt to reboot your phone

fastboot reboot

Now you can root by flashing SuperSu via twrp. To boot into twrp, turn off your phone and hold power button plus volume up key. Remove you hand from the power button when you see the boot logo but keep holding the volume up button until you see the twrp logo


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