Not too long ago, Samsung introduced a RAM optimisation engine called Turbo Speed Technology (TST) which it first debuted in the Galaxy J2 Pro released in India. Samsung has now released a new video showcasing the nitty-gritty of the TST.

Samsung Turbo Speed Technology

In a nutshell, the new Samsung Turbo Speed Technology is able to load applications up to 40% faster compared to smartphones with double the amount of RAM and without TST. This was achieved by combining “smaller apps + proactive app management + intelligent memory control”. First, Samsung rebuilt its essential applications to make them lighter and to have a smaller memory footprint. Additionally, the apps have been rearranged to “a single page format”, which lowers the RAM footprint even further. The second step was to carry out a new “proactive app management” system for managing inactive applications and improve multitasking. The system “intelligently and proactively find, halts, and kills inactive applications”, not only from the RAM but from the Kernel too, terminating system processes to free up more memory.

They aim to improve multitasking performance in all its smartphones with Samsung Turbo Speed Technology. This essentially makes their lower range and midrange devices do better without relying on more powerful hardware for better performance.


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