Google Android N Nougat

Google has finally given Android n its official name. Ita to be called Android Nougat. The name was chosen as it satisfies all the requirements for an Android naming system. It has to do alphabetically from the last version. Second, it has to be a candy or dessert. For example, “K” was for 2013’s KitKat, “L” was for 2014’s Lollipop, and “M” is for Marshmallow, the Android version released in October.

The name was chosen via a crowdsourced naming process and according to a Google spokesperson, millions of suggestions were received but Nougat was the only popular non-brand suggestion.

The name is quite unfriendly to the tongue. because i/m sure not many people have heard of Nougat. It doesn’t roll off the tongue as say Froyo or Kitkat or even Marshmallow. Android O will definitely have one hell of a funny name.

Some of the major new features for Google Android N Nougat are a VR mode, which gives the software some extra oomph when a phone is placed in a headset and used as a virtual reality viewer. Another is a battery-saving feature called Doze on the Go, which allows a phone to conserve power while it’s sitting in your pocket. Nougat, still in beta, will be officially released in the fall.


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